Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most talented actresses in America. Many people adore her as one of the most shining stars in Hollywood filming industry. She has won many awards in her career, which makes her to be more than just an actress with good acting, but also the one in young age who can earn the awards. In this case, many people want to know deeper about her. This beautiful, talented rising star is not only good from her performance. She also has a kind heart, which makes her to be lovely. Lawrence was born on August 15, 1990 which means she is 24 years old now. She was born in Louisville, Kentucky. She comes from a family with two older brothers, Ben and Blaine. She was born from Karen Lawrence and Gary Lawrence. Her mother is a camp manager for children and her father is a construction worker.

Her willing to be in acting business started when she was 14. She asked her parents to get her to New York City to find a talent agent for her. And finally it worked. She found a talent agent which gave her the chance of being one of the most popular actresses at the time. Besides of her rising career, she also got herself to Kammerer Middle School in her pursuit of her acting career in Hollywood. Her hard work gave her the best result, which made her graduated two years early with an average score of 3.9. Jennifer Lawrence then proved her acting career to be better and she rose up as one of the brightest

Jennifer Lawrence began her acting career in the comedy series, playing a role of Laurence Pearson in the series of The Bill Engvall Show. With this role, Jennifer Lawrence earned the awards of Young Artist Award in 2009. Then, she ever also auditioned to play the role of Bella Swan in Twilight series, which finally being given to Kristen Stewart. She also played a role of Mystique in the film of mutants, X-Men: The First Class. Her most successful leading role came when she played the role as Katniss Everdeen in the action film series adapted from the novel, The Hunger Games. This is the role she played perfectly, which gave many praised critics for her.

The unique fact about her successful acting career is that she never took a class for acting or even theatre. She just did it naturally. She knows that the best acting class is actually by observing people and how they react to a certain thing. Besides of her shining acting career, Lawrence is also involved in some charity movements. She also has her own foundation, which supports some other charity movements. Her philanthropy makes her not only a beautiful, strong actress, but also a kind-hearted, lovely young actress. Her cloudaccount has been ever hacked, making her nude photos spread worldwide on the internet. Although of Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos controversy, it is right to praise her as one of the brightest in the acting industry.

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