He is Kevin Durant. His name is familiar to almost all the basketball lovers. Basketball is one of the most popular games in this world. Many people love to watch basketball matches. The players are the magnets which get the viewer to be attached to the dynamic of a basketball game. There is one player who is professional, religious, talented and kid-hearted. Many people want to know about his life, how he started his career, and also how is his personal life right now. This basketball player who is active in tweeting in his Twitter account has also filmed a movie. His life is full of success, which makes him to be more popular not only in basketball game but also in the movie industry.

Kevin Durant was born on September 29, 1988 in Washington DC. He is the son of Wanda Pratt and Wayne Pratt. When he was a child, he was growingup with his parents and his grandmother. Durant has three siblings; one sister and two brothers. His sister is named Brianna. His two brothers are Tony and Rayvonne. He loved basketball since he was a child. He loved Toronto Raptors and he is a fan of Vince Carter. As he loved basketball, he played basketball and started to get his career in a basketball game. He joined in AAU, Amateur Athletic Union and he played for several local teams in Maryland. He played in several teams, making him to be better. He also was invited to join a camp for athletes in the USA.

He is recently a player in Oklahoma City Thunder from 2008. He played perfectly with most innings and good result, his contract in Thunder is even in the amount of $86 million. This spectacular contract makes him to be worth in a basketball game and sport industry. Besides of his joy in playing basketball, he also enjoys doing his personal life. He has some properties and a restaurant in Oklahoma City. Besides, he also enjoys his personal life in his house by playing games and updating in his Twitter account. He has his precious time used to do what he wants to do. Kevin Durant has also gotten some awards in basketball game. This makes him as one of the best in basketball game. Durant also gets some records in his name, emphasizing that he is more than just a good athlete.

Besides his successful career in basketball games, he also put big attention towards social issues. He donated 1 million dollars for the victims of Monroe Tornado in 2013. He is also known as a kind-hearted boy in his neighborhood. He is involved in many charity movements. Kevin Durant is also known as a religious person. He has some religious tattoo on his body, like in his wrist, stomach and back. He always comes to a chapel every time he has a schedule for his basketball match. Kevin Durant is already engaged to Monica Wright, a woman basketball player in the WNBA. Such a great couple, aren’t they?

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