You definitely know kerry washington scandal, actress Kerry Washington gave birth to her first child not long after graduating Scandal starring series. During the 3rd season was aired, Kerry managed to conceal her pregnancy. Kerry has given birth to the news been first released by the website TMZ. The entertainment website featuring photos of child birth certificate was cast Olivia Pope, In a written certificate that Kerry gave birth to her first child on 21 April 2014 in Los Angeles around 17:00. The female baby named Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha.

Because of starred scandal, he was known as kerry washington scandal. Serial 3rd season Scandal starring Kerry runs its run shortly before the main character gave birth ie 17 April 2014. During the broadcast, the figure of Olivia Pope played by actress told not pregnant. Kerry looks disguise her pregnancy by wearing loose clothing or large coat. Parties who produce Scandal ABC say the series was shortened due to pregnancy Kerry broadcast. It should Scandal season that finished 3rd in episodes 18, running to 22 episodes.

Until now official information about Kerry that has given birth not given directly by the actress. Her publicist, Amanda Silverman declined to give details about the private life of 37-year-old actress. Kerry is known about her personal life closed. Her marriage with her husband, Nnamdi Asomugha also was held by the super secret in Idaho. The two were married on June 24, 2013. Prior up the aisle, actresses and athletes love relationship that football has been going on since the summer of 2012.that news of kerry washington scandal this time.

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