Kate Hudson Plastic Surgery

Kate Hudson came more into the limelight more because of the rumors that she had undergone plastic surgery. The 34 year old actress from Los Angeles California must have been under considerable pressure to live up to expectations at Hollywood and maintain a youthful appearance at all times. The pressure might also have come from her role models and peers alike. She has attained celebrity status thanks to her role in many movies including one that won her the Golden Globe Award including nominations to several award categories. This attention might have prompted her to undergo plastic surgery on both her breasts and nose.

Was The Kate Hudson plastic surgery necessary?

You may ask whether it was necessary for her to undergo the surgery. The truth is she might have considered it a key decision necessary if she were to remain in the limelight and still meet the demands that come with being an actress. It may also have been a case of not waning to inconvenience other members of the cast she acted along in movies. A few inconsistencies have however been noted in the size and shape of her nose these past years. These prompted rumors that she may have undergone cosmetic surgery or even rhinoplasty.

Back in 2010, Kate Hudson’s bust suddenly appeared to be bigger which raised assumptions that her breasts are not natural anymore. The talk was that she had undergone a breast augmentation surgery to make her boobs bigger and fuller.

Back in 2008, Kate was named as being the world’s Most Beautiful People, a prize which many people attributed to her new looks especially her rumored nose job. This prize came courtesy of People Magazine. All said, her nose has really altered her appearance from before. While young, Kate had a slight larger nose- not too large and the shape of her nose presently differs so much from how she looked before. At 35 years of age now, Kate Hudson is now very different from the Kate who had not undergone plastic surgery.

In the past, she had a wider nose with a rounded tip and a broad bridge. This has changed now because she now has a shapelier nose that appears narrow, delicate with an elongated tip and a straight bridge. She previously also had bumps on her nose which made it too wide and stumpy. These features are no longer present. If you compare her past and present photos now you will see the difference and you might even believe the Kate Hudson plastic surgery story.

And it seems that Kate Hudson is comfortable with her new look. She has often joked about not liking how her breasts looked before and that she feels secure now with her bigger and fuller boobs. She even has cleavage now. She however became slightly bustier after delivering her second child perhaps due to breast-feeding. From all these, the simple fact is Kate Hudson plastic surgery made her look very different from the young actress that adorned the screens of Hollywood years back. The plastic surgery altered her appearance and did keep her in the limelight if that was what she desired.




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