Definitely a lot of fans who are want to know the latest news of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Many fans are hoping justin bieber to rekindle love to selena gomez when they both have parted ways. The desire of fans turned out to be true, reportedly rekindled love justin bieber with selena. Fans are really happy to hear the news of Justin Bieber dating Selena Gomez back. But it looks like fans will not be ready to hear the latest news Justin and Selena.

Recently, news justin bieber and selena gomez make fans shocked. Recently, Justin is reportedly looking for a nice ring to propose to Selena. This news also makes the fans excited, because both are still considered too young to get married or at least engaged. Currently Justin is looking for the right ring for selena. “Justin never said he wanted to propose Selena. He was looking for (ring) that good,” said a source. “Justin told Selena is the only right girl for him. For that he was ready to formalize their relationship.”

Previously, Selena was had reportedly vowed not to get back in touch with Justin when singer of “Baby” was not immediately proposed. Requirements propose it was done to prove whether Justin just want to play around or serious to him. Do you agree with wishes justin bieber and selena gomez?

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