Every year you celebrate Christmas? Festive decoration with bells, flowers, balls, angels and of course the Christmas tree. Do you want to make another atmosphere to your Christmas celebration this time with Christmas decoration bells with your own creations?

Would not be Christmas without a festive bells. Because the bell is the symbol of the joy and excitement of Christmas. Once, when Jesus was born the bells rung to inform and invite everyone to come enjoy the fun together. Not just at Christmas, this time the bells tolled in churches at certain hours as a sign of the beginning of Mass or Eucharistic banquet.

What if we make some bells with ornament creations made ??from beverage bottles?

It’s easy!

Prepare some former plastic bottles, small bells, rope, scissors, decorative thin wire, paint or decorative paper, beads.

Once all the ingredients are ready, it is time we assemble.

Cut the bottles, which we use is part of it. After the cut, can be painted with your favorite color. Or if you want to wrap it with decorative paper is also a good idea. You can decorate Christmas decoration bells with beads that you paste with glue, or write a Marry Christmas. Having successfully created ornate bells, next insert bells that has been associated with decorative wire. This wire also serves to hang the ornament on the place you want.

The bells creation have finished. Liven your home with Christmas decoration bells.

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