Do you still recognize Johnny Manziel? Well, if your answer is yes, then you will know about the rumor of Johnny Manziel Girlfriend. As we know that Johnny Manziel is an American famous football player and well-known as Johnny Football who play for the Cleveland Browns. His fresh debuted is in Texas A&M Aggies. For your information, football is totally famous in America and he is also a famous football player there. And football is just like Johnny Manziel truly blood ever. Johnny Manziel is definitely hypnotized every woman to be his new girlfriend. This handsome guy was born on December 6th, 1992 in his beloved hometown, Tyler, Texas. He has a lovely pretty young sister who is still high school now. In this case, we could imagine how beautiful and perfect Johnny Manziel Girlfriend looks like ice.

Well, everyone knows that sometimes a man is unpredictable. This famous guy, Johnny Manziel, is also well-known as a playboy. According to some online articles and newspaper, he loves to go to the party with a different girl. One of online article said that he ever act like a couple with a student. But, people know that he is in a relationship with a girl, indeed. Colleen Crowley, she is the Johnny Manziel girlfriend. This beautiful girl is from Lone Star State, Texas. She meets handsome Johnny there. They have something in common together. Both of them love to have a party in the night. We think that they likely good together in time. Her sister now is dating with an athlete too. Her boyfriend is the Dallas Mavericks forward. In this case, the Crowley now are dating with handsome athlete, indeed.

As we can see, Johnny Manziel girlfriend is truly beautiful girl with a perfect body. Colleen Crowley is a model for “No rules NY” rising clothing line. This rising clothing line nowadays is becoming so popular because one of their models is a famous American athlete’s girlfriend. This is good for their clothing company to get the attention of the American people, of course. Some people thought that she only exploit handsome Johnny to get a good popularity. It is difficult for a model to make good popularity by own. That’s why people suspect her a lot that she is exploiting her boyfriend so much.

Now, they are still together. Johnny Manziel does not really care about any rumor about them or anything. He said that he would like to focus on the next game, not on his girlfriend or others. He thinks that it’s totally unnecessary to discuss in front of public and fans. He hopes that he will give the best performances for all season and rewind his winning in the next game. Johnny Manziel also wishes that people and fans could support him in all this season because he said this year in one of the hardest years to let it go. Then hope people can stay focused on Johnny’s next season than other topics. Colleen Crowley, the Johnny Manziel Girlfriend, also said that people can support her boyfriends with full of heart.

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