Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend Chris Martin has become everyone’s talk here in Hollywood now. Things seem to be more likely getting serious between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin. Even until now it is still according to rumours, we getting more interested in this probability. It is actually kind of rude, but who does not adore Chris Martin and his Viva la Vida, Christmas Lights and Fix You? Not to mention he created Fix You for Gwyneth Paltrow when her father was passed away, makes us wonder how romantic he is and how lucky Gwyneth Paltrow is, or perhaps was. At the same time, who does not adore Jennifer Lawrence now? A $40 million net worth Oscar winning actress who is now rally hit, young, adorable and hot? At the same time, there is also Gwyneth Paltrow, a gorgeous and adorable with healthy life practise. Who does not interested of bizarre love triangle anyway?

Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend Chris Martin issues has risen after the spotted of Jennifer Lawrence attending two Coldplay concerts, and the way she watched the performance – or maybe the way she stared Chris Martin – has made everyone talks. Last week, a source for E! News told that Jennifer Lawrence was knew all the lyrics for every songs and the way that she could not take her eyes off from Chris Martin was so obvious.  We all know that Coldplay songs is not those stereotype of silly dramatic romance,  but then Jennifer was spotted again watching this band performed at iHeartRadio Music Festival. We all wonder since when exactly Jen really loves Coldplay songs, or simply since when exactly Jen loves to stare to Chris Martin. No matter what, behind those good attitudes of Jen treating her financial, Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend Chris Martin is a splash issues broke all her positive figure. We all know that Chris Martin is not a free hot dude.

Us Weekly was reported that indeed Jen is a huge fan of Coldplay – really? Since when exactly? – and it perhaps the fantasy of her which now apparently become true to get Chris Martin fall in love to her. The feeling is not mutual since according to this magazine, Chris also falls in love to Jen.  The Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend Chris Martin is become a more and more hot issues after The Mirror reported that Chris and Jen might have move in together. Friend of Chris told that some of Jen’s stuff is at Chris place. Friend of Chris also told that he saw his friend is in love. And even there is a chance to get the things works between Chris and Gwyneth, the chance seems more likely not much, according to him. Well, seems like there would be a divorce, we mean a formal divorce.

Jen and Gwyneth are both adorable anyway, they even has the quite same figure, except of course the body mass. The story yet still goes on for this ordinary drama. Stay update to Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend Chris Martin issues!

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