Before we start reviewing Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery, let’s get familiar with this Jennifer Aniston first. She is a famous American actress, born in February 1969. Her place of birth is Sherman Oaks, California, but she was brought up in the New York City. Her showbiz career started back in 1990s and has become a popular actress in many Hollywood top class movies. She has starred in several movies as well as winning several title awards as one of the best actresses of Hollywood. Just to mention a few, the movies that she has been a cast include The Break Up, Horrible Bosses, Bruce Almighty, Just Go With It, Rumor Has It, Marley and Me, Leprechaun, Rock Star, and many other Hollywood landmark performances.

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

It has become the custom that the American Society doesn’t accept celebrities who succumb to the aging factor. This custom has forced those celebrities to go along investing a lot of effort in order to maintain their looks. Actually, celebrities invest their efforts in good diet, exercise, and other fitness efforts but the fact of wrinkles and loose skin due to aging poses a great danger. It seems like they have known the secret to tight and flawless skin; plastic surgeries, Botox injections, and fillers. These are what they call their secret.

It seems like Jennifer Aniston is a victim, not really a victim, but it has been alleged that she also knows about the above secret. She is rumored to have undergone multiple procedures such as the rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, lip injection, Botox injections, and other facelift procedures since 2007. The rumors were spearheaded in 2008, when she was captured by photographers while leaving a plastic surgeon’s clinic. She brushed off the rumors of rhinoplasty by saying that she had gone to correct her deviated septum.

Are the above rumors justifiable? Well, as it’s observed from her photos, her nose looks thinner and smoother now. Secondly, her top lip looks thinner now than it was before. Thirdly, her breasts have a totally different appearance. The boobs are round and bustier. Finally, her forehead and cheeks are shinier and wrinkle free.

All the above allegations are rumors. However, one of the rumors was shattered after she admitted it in front of cameras. She admitted to have undergone two, not even one, rhinoplasty (nose job) procedures. One was done 12 years ago, but it didn’t yield the desired results. Therefore, she opted for a second one which has given her nose’s bridge a slim look.

Her large round breasts are the most visible changes, even though she denied having plastic surgery on her boobs. She denied it during an Oprah’s talk where she claimed the changes to be as a result of a natural process. May be is as a result of some commitment to a diet, beauty regimen, or a workout routine. It’s due to her boobs that she got nominated as one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood a few months earlier.

Botox injections are linked to her wrinkle free forehead and shiny cheeks. Aging causes the skin to become loose and result to wrinkles. However, our Botox injections challenge these changes by making the skin tighter. Even if it’s Botox, it seems she has done it right and wisely.

To recap it all, Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery has made her young and beautiful. With or without the surgery, she’ll still look fantastic. Unlike other Hollywood stars, she has not overdone herself. It seems like she did it wisely since plastic surgery has never been free of risk.

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