Some news reports about Miranda Kerr dating. After the split with Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr can finally be free and have plenty of time to get together with her friends. However, it seems this time she increasingly enjoys being with a man. Who is he? The man named James Packer, the man who was said to have a special relationship with Miranda last few months. Not only that, a statement from one of the sources also further strengthens this case.

Miranda Kerr dating news airings because of the child’s mother had just seen enjoying her free time on a cruise ship as it appears from the photos uploaded via his Instagram account. The ship reportedly had billionaire┬áJames Parker. This is even more apparent when one real personal assistant James was seen leaving the Miranda house.

However, during recent months, Miranda admitted that their relationship is merely friendship, nothing more. In fact, according to rumors, James admitted that Miranda Kerr dating with him is true. But now, Miranda Kerr was caught in a James cruise ship. If their relationship just friends only could this be nothing more than just a meeting for business purposes only? Do you agree if Miranda dating with James?

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