Iride, the Maserati of bikes arrives to New york city

Because of cycling enthusiast John Burns, that has introduced New You are able to towards the Maserati of bicycles, Iride (pronounced as Erie-day). Quite convinced using the performance and quality, John imported an italian man , origin Iride brand to discerning New You are able to bike riders. He’s the Design Director and sole importer of Iride bicycles. The Iride bikes are high end-based bicycles, one of the couple of produced in Italia. Molded with precision, passion, and endurance, Iride may be the hand made creation by Carlo Gemmati, the 4th generation owner of the trademark. A fusion from a classic urban roadster along with a high-performance racing bike, Iride bicycles are strong and extremely light.

Iride, the Maserati of bikes arrives to New york city

Iride’s Monello single-speed roadster may be worth $2,190 and Volatore 18-speed roadster $2,590. Iride also offers a variety of greater-performance bikes as Bici Pista fixed-gear track bike, that is listed at $2,490. Additionally, it includes a raw track frame, which lets you custom create your own dream bike! The Iride bicycles, though produced in Italia can be found through its US-based website:, at Chari and Co. in Manhattan and Ride Brooklyn, New york city and also at choose stores in New You are able to. However, with strong rivals as Mercedes Benz, BMW Group Designworks USA, Colnago’s Ferrari CF8 already present on the market, we are able to only wish Iride the very best!

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