If you are looking for diet inspiration, Lebron James diet can be a great inspiration for your diet. If you are the fan of NBA basketball, you definitely know Lebron Raymond James or known as Lebron James. He is a professional player in Cleveland Cavaliers club. He is fast, strong and easily infiltrates the opponent’s defense makes him called as King James. As a professional basketball player, maintaining health is pretty essential. Diet is one of the ways to make sure the appearance to look best in every competition. According to Men’s Journal, Lebron has decreased his weight up to 6 kilograms. Are you wondering about the way he decrease his weight? The way is pretty simple; he just lessens the consumption of carbohydrate.

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lebron james diet

This method of Lebron James diet is the suggestion of Dr. Cate Shanahan. Two years ago, Dr. Cate Shanahan assisted Los Angeles Lakers to exchange the consumption of high carbohydrate food with low carbohydrate food or it is called as fat burning. It means that the body will burn the fat as the main burning material, not a carbohydrate. This is the way to lose weight, yet in the other hand still keep the muscle. Dr. Shanahan is a book writer of Food Rules, A Doctor’s Guide to Healthy Eating and Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food. The following are the methods of Lebron James diet with the assistance of Dr. Cate Shanahan.

The first method of Lebron James diet is the composition of 50/30/20. These numbers mean that the main purpose is to get 50 percent of calories from healthy fat, 30 percent of protein and 20 percent of healthy carbohydrate. This ideal nutrition can be obtained from the consumption of vegetables and fruit. The second is consuming healthy fat. Consuming low carbohydrate food means that you are consuming high fat. So, you have to understand what the category of bad fats is. Bad fat is usually obtained from processed food, even in a salad that contained of Canola and vegetable oil. While healthy fat is usually obtained from fruits such as Avocado, Olive oil and fish such as Salmon and Sardine. The third method is doing not frequently eat small portions of food. Many people think that they can hold the desire to eat healthy food by eating snacks. In fact, snacks can make the degree of insulin higher than usual. This can disturb the process of fat burning. If you are hungry in the diet process, you drink a glass of water or eat a grip of beans.

So, there are three methods of healthy diet to lose your weight. Obesity can be really dangerous for your health. The obesity can cause many health problems such as stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, cancer and many other dangerous diseases. So, you have to prevent those diseases by implementing healthy diet. You have to exercise your body, exercising is pretty essential to your health. Hopefully, the Lebron James diet can inspire you to have a good lifestyle to ensure your health condition.

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