In California, Beverly Hills, you will discover a huge and popular high school, namely Beverly Hills High School or some people will mention as BHHS. At the first time, this high school is not established in Beverly Hills, instead in Los Angeles, however, for certain reason the school is re-established in the Beverly Hills district. As a huge and popular high school you’ll find in Beverly Hill you will discover the fascinating storiesfrom this high school. Do not you know that BHHS many times appear in the cartoon series, movies, Video clips, books, and many more?

You can find Beverly Hills High School in movies like whatever it takes, clueless, its a wonderful life and many more. You also can discover BHHS inside the clip of Nickelback’s. Then for the cartoon series, you can also easily figure out this high school inside Totally Spies cartoon series, which tell about three beautiful high school spies that are equipped with super (sometimes silly) sophisticated weapon. The high school is also appeared in book series such as the privileged life and the A-list.This high school is not only popular from its movies or TV show series you watch, but also from its achievement.

BHHS is able to grasp prestigious award like award of excellence that is given by the United States Department of Education. When it comes to student, Beverly Hills High School is well-known for student diversity. So then, you do not need to be surprised when you meet students from other races. However, this is perhaps one of the uniqueness of this high school. They equally open the opportunity for any students spend their education period in this high school; so far they are able to fulfill certain requirement that is needed such as fine grades. For a student, this kind of diversity can expand their knowledge about human relationship like to learnsomeone’s culture that is so different with ours.

Still about students of Beverly Hills High School, guess what? You will find out many famous people that are becoming the part of this high school as its alumni. It is great, right? Some of them are Amy Linker (actress), Jackie Cooper (actor), Christian Alexander (actor), Nicolas Cage (actor), Rob Reiner (director/actor), Pauly Shore (comedian/actor), Betty White (actress) and many other famous people that cannot be mentioned in all of them. The other things that are so special about this high school are athletics, performing arts, and its news services.

From athletics field this high school provides you kind of facilities such as American football, dance, soccer, swimming, water polo, wrestling, basketball and more. Meanwhile, for performing arts this high school is known from its chamber choirs, theater acting, and many more. Then, when it comes to news services, you will discover that this high school has two news services which are so popular like KBEV and Highlights. KBEV is the kind of TV channel which is free, whilst Highlights are typical newspaper. Both of the news services are run by the students of Beverly Hills High School.

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