Marriage is a lifetime dream of every couple. No wonder if we want beautiful, luxurious and memorable home decoration for wedding. Designs like what I would recommend and will probably help you choose the decorations for your wedding?

I recommend a wedding party held in the house. It will not take much cost to rent the building but will still look sacral, sacred and luxury.

Starting from the fence of your home. Welcoming guests and wedding procession with wreaths on the fence will likely steal the attention of the guests. Of course by selecting a theme interesting flowers. Like a mix of two colors such as white and green, pink and white and so on.

For the home decoration for wedding ceremony you can choose outdoors / in the yard or indoor. If you want your wedding ceremony outdoors, you can make amazing designs garden party. Your wedding altar set up by tents with elegant design with white or pink, or you can just install ornate pole as a lively for your appointment confirmation.

Elegant flower decoration according to the theme of the fence you can apply here. Furthermore arrange some chairs as seating guests/witness your wedding. Decorate chairs with wreaths and ribbons are likely enliven your wedding.

Furthermore, towards the dining area. Arrange dinner table with elegant arrangements that suit the theme of your stretcher. Creating a shaped ice sculpture as wedding ornament seems to be very interesting.

You want to replace a decorative flower ornament with balloons? Not a bad choice. Provided you do not use colorful balloons! Choose 2 colors elegant balloon to your home decoration for wedding.

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