Clean up the house for Christmas has not been perfect if only decorate the family room or living room. What about Christmas decoration kitchen? The kitchen as a room that is not less important, should be interesting in order to participate is given a touch of Christmas atmosphere increasingly felt. Here are five quick tips and easy to use available objects in the house to welcome the Christmas day. Most importantly, these ornaments will not mess up the family budget!

Centerpiece Christmas Decoration Kitchen

Prepare bowl glass, small or large. Fill it with Christmas tree ornaments, either large or small. Feel free to combine more than one color and stacking clear glass so that you attract attention. The result? Wow! The decor is simple, I’m sure it will warm up the appearance of your kitchen.

Sweet candy sticks

Candy canes are synonymous with Christmas snacks. Try stacking some candy canes that have the traditional curved shape in a clear glass. Definitely a family member, especially a child, tempted to enjoy it. Add more if some of the candy cane has been enjoyed by guests, so glasses were kept full. You can also replace the candy cane with red and white candy. Easy, yet able to bring festive and familiar atmosphere at Christmas.

Dress up your Candles

The current form of wax that is very appealing to a diverse collection. Well, now is the time to make Christmas decoration kitchen with the creation of your beautiful candles. Set the candle laying by color and height, respectively. Low candles and placed flowers decorated on a plate width could be an option. In addition to sweeten, the plate is useful as a coaster to prevent a fire hazard or stain drip candles littering in your favorite table. After Christmas passed, save the candles earlier so you can use them later. Save money, right

Tree Cake

Christmas and pastries seemed inseparable from each other. Little is fond of pastries would be more interested in tasting the cake you made if presented differently.

Arrange pastry resembling a Christmas tree in a wide plate and decorate with pieces of fruit to sweeten zoom. You can also arrange the dishes into staircase to save the largest plate as the base “tree”, and place it firmly in the middle of the plate glass. Then, put the smaller plate on top of the glass. Fill plates with pastry round Christmas party.

Flower Wreath

Do not think wreath only suitable placed at the main entrance. If possible, fresh bunch of flowers and leaves in a circular tract and keep it in your kitchen. Besides functioning sweeten the room, the presence of fresh flower wreath in the kitchen since the beginning of the Christmas season will generate its own longing. By doing Christmas decoration kitchen, the activities make and bake cookies so fun!

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