Christmas has arrived. Hooray …
Nothing can replace the joy of Christmas. All of people happily waiting for it. I am sure this excitement always accompany since everyone prepare to greet Christmas. How does your Christmas preparation? Are you ready? Christmas decoration for fireplace? Have done? Don’t be sad if you do not have a suitable design for the fireplace. I will share my ideas here.
1 . Decorative modern classic fireplace
Turn on the Christmas atmosphere in your home by using a vintage feel to your Christmas messages and place it above the fireplace. Then, add the shaped fairy lights or Christmas lights to be more visible distinctive shine and give the effect of swell on the mistletoe.
2 . Fireplace candle
This candle fireplace hearth fireplaces instead of wood so as not to produce a lot of ash. You will not have a problem with the smoke, the damper can be kept closed to keep the cold air outside. Flashing lights candles mimic real fire. By closing the damper and put candles in your fireplace Park, you can enjoy the effect of a real fire, but did not miss any of your hot air. Candles that have scents that they are great because when you turn it on aroma will slowly spread throughout the room. By adding a pillar candle into the furnace with the damper closed, you can enjoy a warm cup of cocoa with your family in front of the fireplace.
3 . Cheerful Christmas decoration for fireplace
Cheer your fireplace as a supporter of cheerful Christmas theme. Hang the stockings, miniature Christmas trees, angels, stars, balls and trinkets craze your child there.

4 . Christmas wreath for your fireplace
Christmas wreath circular generally mounted in the front door. Christmas wreath made ??of native pine needles. To be beautiful is also decorated with pinecones. Now, many are sold artificial Christmas wreath. Made of plastic with a variety of designs and colors. Because it is made of plastic, artificial wreath so it is more durable and can be stored for use again for Christmas next year .
In Europe or America, which used a fireplace, Christmas wreath also hung above the fireplace for Christmas decoration for fireplace


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