Bathroom vanities and sinks – A bathroom with double sink vanity is really a close to necessity when two or even more folks discuss a bathroom. A double sink vanity with two sinks and incorporates longer counter space. The counter space and additional sink make routine morning swim much easier. Many styles of toilets and washbasins are available to choose from, ensuring an option to suit any preference. Double vanities in master baths are typical, but are also useful in the shared bathrooms.

Options sink

Basin options are endless for styling, but you must choose the sinks that suit both the personality and style of the bathroom vanities and sinks. If you want an elegant style, select a sink that is placed under the countertop to provide a uniform surface. The classic white toilets are an option that does not fail because they go with any decor; which is mounted on the counter with an edge that extends above the height of the counter. The vessel sink with basin, sitting on the counter, are an ideal choice recovered antique vanities because they mimic the look of old dry sinks; The square vessel sinks give the appearance of platform basins farm. Any of these styles also works well with contemporary designs. You can get a top quality sink with glass, copper or rows of tile.


Ideas for bathroom vanities and sinks with double sink vanities are installed as a unit in the same space at the counter, but you can separate the two basins to define the space of each person. Place a rack in the same finish between the two separate vanity sinks, and have continuous flow separation. Install a set of drawers with a top that matches that is a few inches above the counter sink. The two people will have access to all drawers, but the height difference separates the basins. Similarly, you can make a part of the counter in the lower half to the ideal height for sitting and makeup. If you have a bathroom window, install toilets on each side and connect them with a comfy window seat.

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