Ideas bathroom vanities – Recycling furniture is an ecological practice and a way to save money that can be personalized and unique pieces for your home. When it comes to redecorating your bathroom, you can use some simple techniques to transform an old dresser into something completely different, or create a new vanity with a table, desk, dresser or dresser recycled.


Ideas bathroom vanities recycle a toilet

1. Loosen the caulk between the part superior and vanity base cabinet with a chisel. Remove the part superior.

2. Ideas bathroom vanities with Remove the doors and cabinet hinges and paint or restore the interior and exterior.

3. Apply a base adhesive sealant on the part superior of the closet and put a pair of hinged shutters, a large tray, and a block of marble or other flat object into the adhesive.

4. Use the toilet as a side table, kitchen island or nightstand. Use the bottom of the closet as a place of open storage.

Make a new toilet

1. Pick a console table, a dresser or under desk and vessel type sink that combine.

2. Place the sink on the vanity base. Put it exactly where it will go. Leave space behind the sink to place the taps. Make a hole for the drain and remove the sink.

3. Ideas bathroom vanities with cut the hole for drainage in the cabinet with a hole saw the same diameter. Install drainage system to the sink according to the assembly instructions. Connect to the existing drainage pipe.

4. Measures faucets and make a notch or hole in the space behind the sink. Place taps and connect to the water system.

5. Screw a towel rail or decorative hardware on the front of the cabinet.

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