Do you want to give another atmosphere in your home? You can choose wicker furniture. Before you choose, first you need to know how to treat wicker furniture. Of course, that when you have wicker furniture, you can always keep it clean and beautiful.

How to treat wicker furniture? Things you can do include:

1. Clean wicker furniture once a week. Do not use chemicals because it can damage the material. It’s easy, dry cloth can be a means to clean the dust in your wicker furniture.

2. To clean holes in the wicker furniture, you can use a detergent to wash your furniture. After washing, dry with a dry cloth and aerated. Not once a week, but once a month.

3. If you have already faded wicker furniture, paint the back to make it look more beautiful.

4. Keep your wicker furniture from rain and direct sunlight. Why? Because it can make the paint more quickly faded.

5. How to termite? Use a solution of camphor (mothballs) and kerosene. Spray the solution on the cane and fill in the holes in your wicker furniture.

Hopefully these tips about how to treat wicker furniture can eliminate any doubt of you that want to have wicker furniture. May be useful.

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