Loupe or the magnifier is mostly used to inspect the markings, serial num., and anything we could not see with our normal ideas. When purchasing a jewelry loupe, look for the enlargement power (a num. with the symbol “y” meaning times the real size that we would in general see). The most excellent loupe for a Rolex would be the 10y triplet loupe (three lenses located together for accuracy. Here are some tips to care your Rolex watch

Watch Tweezers:

It is used for handling and gripping very tiny parts, inserting screw, etc.


It used for removing /adding the links of a wristlet, thus resizing the wristlet, etc.We also recommend upper end screwdrivers that has swivel tops for accuracy one hand use. These sets normally come in either on a revolving stand or in a plastic case for easy access.

Pliers and Cutter:

Used for feature and accuracy work. We recommend high end pliers that are made with stainless steel and with rubber grip. We extremely advise separating these tools from other general use and purpose to avoid any type of injure on them, thus it becoming incompatible for watch works.

The following are different types of pliers:

Flat nose pliers:

This plier has flat jaws that are used for holding, pulling, bending, straightening, etc.

Chain nose pliers:

This is mostly used for picking-up small pieces, coiling and bending wire.


It   called as  “nippers” are mostly used for cutting small wires and other  pieces of metal.

Round nose pliers :

These Pliers have circular jaws and are used for, looping, bending and coiling wires.

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