We do not use these plates when eating. Initially, some of these dishes may be used as eating utensils, but some of it is created as window-dressing. These plates have more value because it has historical value. If you want home decorating with antiques, old-fashioned dishes like this could be a fitting decoration objects come from China.

Plates of ancient and antique from China usually have a corresponding mark the year of manufacture. If there are no such signs, the possibility was not an antique plate. Similarly, if there are a lot of marks on the plate. These markers are sometimes a manufacturer name that is in poetry or write in Chinese calligraphy art that is usually associated with mountains, springs, and others. Authenticity can also be seen from the colors used. Some new color found in a certain era. For example, during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1643), dragon motifs and phoenix are very popular. The use of three colors, yellow, green, and aubergine as the dominant colors produce a type of ‘susancai ‘ (three colors) are identical to the Ming Dynasty.

The plate is glassware, of course we have to be careful in the display. How to organize home decorating with antiques as usually laid using foot buffer over the field like a console table with shelves or cabinets. The main danger for these plates are children or pets. Store it in a glass cabinet can prevent the plate bumped while still able to show its beauty. You can also hang it on the wall, especially for large platters that can fill a large room that does not look empty.

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