Heidi Klum Hair

Heidi Klum throws bodice to sunbathe topless on her recent tropical holiday trip.
The German model put up an image of herself that caught the rays of the sun on an idyllic and unknown location.
Dressed in a black bikini bottom smiling catwalk model contentedly as she rests her head on a rolled up towel. There is not another person in sight, giving the impression that Heidi’s topless show is by her own private place.
It was, at least until she put it up on Twitter and showed it to the rest of the world.
Commenting on the picture, wrote actress Debra Messing from ‘Will and Grace’: “So jealous!”
And there is much to be jealous of – the paradisaical surroundings, the warm temperature and the sun lounger, as the half-naked beauty lies.
It’s not hard to figure out what captured the attention of her boyfriend, bodyguard Martin Kristen, against the 39-year-old model.

Heidi Klum Hair

The couple started dating just a few months after Heidi ended his seven-year marriage to singer Seal.
Their relationship raised eyebrows because the guardian Martin had worked as a family bodyguard for four years – and looked after her children, Leni eight years, the seven-year Henry, four-year-old Johan and the biennial Lou.
But Heidi insisted recently that it was not a romance to fall back on when she said to the American talk show hostess Ellen DeGeneres: “I am very happy.”

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