Halloween is coming and the Halloween witch makeup is being prepared for your amazing Halloween experience. When you are choosing the Halloween appearance, you can choose the appearance of Halloween makeup as a wicked witch. The wicked witch is one of the most popular Halloween makeups. You can choose this for your performance to make your creepy appearance at your Halloween party.ha

When you are considering having Halloween appearance as a wicked witch, you have to do some preparations. It is not only about the usual makeup, but you can also get creepy makeup with optimal proportions. So, there are some things you have to consider when you want to have a creepy makeup performance for your Halloween party. By following some steps available, you can get your best performance at the Halloween party and get the others to be scared!

When you are planning to have a Halloween witch appearance at your Halloween party, you can choose the makeups for your performance. So, all you have to do is by thinking to get the creepiest performance for your Halloween party. Don’t think of being quite beautiful for your performance. Just think of creepy, scaring appearance which can make you as the scariest one of Halloween party. In this case, choose the face paint which will not harm your face. Choose the color of green witch. This is thecolor of deep green, which is identical to the wicked witch appearance. You can also consider the color of black, white and red for having unique improvements in your makeup for Halloween.

The second step you can do is by applying the face paint on your face skin. Get the green face paint on your face. Then, get any other colors on your face skin, making dimension effect towards your face, which can give the impression of old, wrinkles on your skin. Be sure also about how you apply the makeup to make your face to be looked skinny. You can even get the red touch on your eyes, making it looks like the tired witch eyes. Some of you might get the creepier look for your Halloween witch appearance. In this case, you can get fake nose to be your nose. When it gets closer to Halloween, there are many stores which sell the witch nose, which can be your perfect touch in getting Halloween witch.

After you are done with makeup, you can start dressing up your performance. Be sure you have chosen the best wicked witch dress. Choose the one which is creepy enough to enhance your Halloween performance. Besides, you should also consider having a comfortable dress for this occasion. Don’t forget the hat of wicked witch and the legendary broom of the witch, which will give you the optimal creepy performance as a wicked witch in the Halloween party. Some girls will not like it, but in this party, you might get your hair to be messy, just as messy as you can, to make it to be looked untreated. For you who cannot afford messy hair, choosing wig can also be the great choice when you are planning to be Halloween witch.

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