Whiskey brands can be very various according to the class and the type. Most people choose whiskey with their preferable taste, what you choose can be same but mostly it will be different. The whiskeys are very aware of this case so they still run their production to offer different taste of whiskey. Choosing a whiskey is very personal matter, the taste and aroma. You may ask somebody what kind of whiskey that they prefer but you cannot force yourself to like that whiskey. Do not worry if your taste is different from other people, there are a lot of kind whiskeys that you can choose. Each whiskey in the shelf has its own differences; you just need to find the most suitable for you.

When you decide yourself to enter whiskey world then you can start it from the terms that used in many Whiskey brands. What is the difference of whiskey, rye, bourbon and scotch? Scotch, Rye and Bourbon are types of whiskey; you will find that most of them have similar taste. What makes difference between them is the grain that used location of the distillation process, the barrel that used in the fermentation process and the time of fermentation. The location of the distillation process is strictly regulated, just in the Scotch; you can make Scotch outside the Scotland. This regulation been made by the local government to keep the Scotch characteristic and local manufacturer sustainability. You will gain the knowledge as you start your first shot.

Most beginners will ask what type of whiskey that you will try first. To answer this question you can try the best whiskey in your area. As told before, some whiskeys are determinate by the area where the whiskey has been made. For Scotland people it is better to try the scotch first, in other side the American people can try the Bourbon for your first shot. Deciding what Whiskey brands that you will choose, it is better to try the specific one. As you get it specific then you can find lower price for a good bottle. You can ask someone who knows choices; try to choose the lightest whiskey that you can accept. When you have your wrong choice, you will be blackout in the first toss.

Soon after you have your choice then it is the first time you drink it. Basically there are three ways to drink your first whiskey. The first ways is by straight shot, other people just say it neat. It is when your whiskey is in a glass with room temperature, for most people the whiskey neat is the best way to taste a good whiskey. This is based on the concept of the whiskey making; the whiskey is distillate from the previous process. This pure spirit is better to drink in this way than add other liquid. Other one is by dilute the whiskey with amount of water. Then the last one is on the rocks, you can add some ice into a glass of your Whiskey brands.

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