Selena Gomez family is a thing every Selena Gomez’ fan should know. As fans, it is important for you to know the family of your idol. In this case is Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez was born on July, 22 1992 from a father, Ricardo Joel Gomez and Amanda Cornett. Her father is a descent by Mexico and originally came from New Mexico while her mother is adopted and actually has Italian descent. It makes her has a complicated blood and with the descent, she has, create a cute, beautiful looking she has. As a popular singer, she actually has a hard past before her popularity. When she was 5, her parents divorced and made her mother to rise her alone as a single mother. Selena Gomez family, then has distance between one another.

selena gomez family pictures

selena gomez family pictures

It is interesting to know the facts about the Selena Gomez family. Just after her parents’ divorced, her mother, who was 21 when she had divorced with Ricardo Gomez, started a life with young Selena by working hard for raising her. The days they got when the early years of Selena’s life became harder and they are in a financial trouble. This made Selena also frustrated about her life and what should she do in her life and also her mother’s. At 2002, she was chosen to cast as Gianna at Barney and Friends. But, her role as Gianna was stopped in 2004 due to the producer thought that Selena had been already too old for the role. After that, Selena has some roles in some movies. Even her roles were just little and not as a main actress, she was sure to start her career as an actress.

It was a long journey for Selena to enter her career as an actress in the movie industry. When she finally got her jobs for many advertisements for TV, she got her starting line for her career in the movie industry. There are some movies she played as main actress, for the examples are Princess Protection Program, where she played a role as a daughter of Princess Protector and played with her best friend, Demi Lovato.

Her debut in film then was being more promising when she had her role for Monte Carlo and Hotel Transylvania. She got it even more than promising for her life and her career, and also her popularity, keepson increasing. Nowadays, Selena Gomez family, her birth mother and her birth father have been married and had their lives.

Then, she has two step sisters from her divorced birth parents in the Selena Gomez family. It is also known to us that Selena has been popular for a certain TV show, Wizard of Waverly Place. She got it perfectly and she also played a role in Wizard of Waverly Place; The Movie. She also got her debut in singing, which made her even more popular with her songs. Some popular songs sung by Selena are When the Sun Goes Down, A Year without Rain, Come and Get it, and also Who Says. It is proven that although Selena Gomez family has divorced in the past, she gets it perfect for her foal to be sparkling in her career.

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