Folding Ray-Ban Aviators currently in 22 carat gold

Just about the most essential accessories to accomplish the ensemble of a great person is an eye-catching and eye-concealing set of sun glasses. As well as, thanks to some unidentified luck-related forces, we have discovered the Ray-Ban aviator family. In this article we get the first foldable model of this stylish family, drizzled with exquisite 22-carat gold as well as reintroduced under a unique design.

At a 1st glimpse, it is extremely clear that these eyeglasses bring the DNA of the trademark forward, now becoming installed with P3 Plus Lenses. They mix evidences of state of the art technologies with beautiful manufacture and excessive quality, for that reason transporting the Ray-Ban legend on.

Folding Ray-Ban Aviators currently in 22 carat gold

Furthermore, the Ray-Ban Aviator Folding Ultra-Flexible Frame of Mind sunglasses appear with further beautiful features just like color improvement, anti-reflective covering, water-repellent system and polarizing filter alongside the trademark shades of Ray-Ban. There is an exciting concept behind the P3 Plus lenses, which consist of the water-repellent system and anti-reflective coating  – they produce the perfect of consumer comfort in any given conditions, from sunny climate to rainfall.

These slick sunglasses are available as a limited edition of 7,500 sets, in yellow and gold. The price still remains to be seen.

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