Selena Gomez birthday cake on July 2014 was amazingly beautiful. Birthday is one of the most special moments for girls. In this case, Selena Gomez also celebrates her birthday perfectly with the birthday cake she has. On July, 22 2014, Selena celebrates her 22nd birthday. Her birthday was held on a yacht in France. It is known to her that she is one of the most beloved celebrities in Hollywood. Many people adore her in her cute, beautiful face. At her 22nd birthday party she held in Saint-Tropez, France, she looked happy and adorable with the party she had. Is this a sign for us that she is free from her sadness of her ex, Justin Bieber?

When we are talking about Selena Gomez birthday cake, we should also talk about the birthday party she had in France, far away from her ex. Her 22nd birthday party was held on a yacht, which showed glamorous and exclusive party for her and her friends. Her birthday was actually stunning because she looked happy and cheerful. The party she had started with her rode a jet ski with a guy.  She was looking pretty and cheerful when she rode the Jet Ski with the hot guy, Tommy Chiabra. This is also a sign that Selena has moved on and get her life happier after her break with Justin Bieber. So, whatabout the cake? How it can be beautiful and stunning?

The cake made for Selena’s birthday was a big one, with a simple design, but still, it is beautiful and tasty. The Selena Gomez birthday cake was exclusively made for Selena’s birthday was made in chocolate. The chocolate used for this cake is actually from the premium chocolate. The cake was then decorated with white roses and some little white berries and red berries. It was simple, beautiful yet tasty cake. You can know it even just from seeing it. The cake was also decorated with the writing of Happy 22nd Birthday Selena. After the party, she posted a photo on her Instagram account about her party and she said that the chocolate for her cake was the best and she loved it so much.  It was clear for us that Selena has had a party there with her pals and her new guy, the hot Tommy Chiara. It is also known that Selena left the party with Chiara.

Selena Gomez birthday cake is not only the thing makes her happy. The party held by Selena for her birthday was a sign for her happiness and also her freedom from her past. There, Selena also got a trip with her pals around Saint Tropez. She got the birthday even more than just amazing for her. Her party then was closed by her trip on a yacht and got lots of love for her. Her friends in America are also sending her lovely online messages for her birthday, making her feel more than just happy but also grateful. Her fans were also sending her birthday messages online, which made Selena Gomez birthday cake, became more beautiful and memorable.

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