Facebook Office Design in Palo Alto

Who does not found out about Facebook? Considering that it’s the world’s greatest social networking, with more than 500 million members, we realize which  almost people happen to be appreciate using it. But we are uncertain what percentage of you understand about their offices and just how they appear like. We posted ever before about Google offices designs and we found them genuinely amazing locations where lots of workers would want to work. So, we considered to create much more posts on offices designs of the top identified businesses all over the world and also to demonstrate through them at least a little part of what their names are connected with. Today’s office design that we desire to reveal to you is the Facebook office design in Palo Alto developed in 2009 by San Francisco-based interior design firm which assists businesses countrywide.

Facebook Office Design in Palo Alto

10 various places were relocated into one central office, a  150,000-square-foot area at the Stanford Research Park, using the objective to facilitate the conversation without having to sacrifice the smoothness of every department. This determination produced over 700 new workspaces. The enough open floor space allowed for an expansive new design that recreates the feel of a Facebook page. Designed to display simple, clean lines, the two-story structure features numerous “neighborhoods” of formerly scattered departments which are defined by changes in color and spacing, but linked by overarching finishes and graphics that run throughout the building.

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