Valentine party without light decorations would not be complete. Decorative lights twinkling along the front porch may be used. Do you have any other ideas of how to create valentine light up decorations? I have a solution. Let’s try some experimenting with valentine light up decorations.

1. Caution lights

Make heart-shaped lanterns made ??from colored pink or red paper. You can make the frame first. To make it easier to form a framework, you can use a framework of bamboo. After that you pasted paper and insert the lamp in it. Caution lights you can place on the front porch or in the house.

You can also make the heart of a series of light bulbs that you shape into a heart shape. This valentine light up decorations can be used to decorate doors, windows or walls.

2. Romantic candle

Nothing can beat the romance of candles light. So I advise you to bring candles light in your home for a warm and romantic impression. You can put candle on the glass, bowl or decorate the candles with ribbons and beads. Put candles along the driveway, at the dinner table, in the bedroom and in the bathroom will make more romantic atmosphere.

3. Utilizing Christmas lights

Christmas is already gone, but we still could use a Christmas ornament to valentine light up decorations. How do. Take your lights to decorate the Christmas tree. Put it in glass jars with decorative paper that has been cut lengthwise. Enter randomly. See what happens. Sparkling lights in the jar will blend with the color of decorative paper resulting in beautiful light. You can use it to decorate your desk or hanging.

Hopefully my valentine light up decorations ideas will be useful for those of you who celebrate Valentine.

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