Such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve party also deserves a special decoration for your home. For New Year Eve decorating idea I was using Christmas accessories that are still there, adding some things and create an environment that is very special to welcome your guests in the New Year party that will soon begin.
I have some easy tips that you can apply at home.
1. Helium balloons. You can choose color of the balloon in accordance with your wishes. It would be more visible and attractive if you choose two colors only and set it beautifully. You have selected balloon, filled with helium and let it hang/spread in your room. If desired there are specialty stores that sell some trinkets balloons which serves to keep the balloon upright without the need to fill with a special gas.
2. Christmas balls remaining can use for New Year Eve decorating idea. Choose a theme that fits your new year’s eve this time like silver and gold.
3. Fill your glass bowl or glass with small balls or beads that you can use to decorate the table.
4. A super soft idea and not complicated, but it is also very interesting and beautiful. Making stars out of metallic paper. You can make stars of various sizes, paste on nylon yarn and hanging on the roof. Can be hung or let it fall straight. In addition you can use for curtain room door.

If after you try to apply it in your home, still less in accordance with the theme you use, you can add accessories to your liking. Or you have a New Year Eve decorating idea that more interesting? Please share here.

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