Do you celebrate Christmas? I think will be more exiting if this celebration we ask your children make some Christmas accessories as they want to make and decorate Christmas tree and decorations. Lets join with me, because I will share about Christmas decoration kids.

One of Christmas tree ornaments that are commonly used are ball -shaped ornament. This year, you can try the creation ornament balls into a new and exciting display.

Balls Christmas tree decoration can also create based on your personality, decorate theme as you want, even just to bring back memories for a year. To make it happen, you just need to spend a little time to be creative with Christmas tree balls.

Bulb memories

First of all, you can create “memories ball” with your children. Christmas tree ornaments are the most easy to do for Christmas decoration kids. You can use a ball-shaped ornament to write down the memories that you have passed during the year 2012.

Free creatively
Unleash your child’s creativity, for example, write down things like how happy they have been pass the exam and up class, a trip to their favorite place, go swimming, or other things as a family memory. To make it more interesting, use colorful permanent markers to write on the ball.

Door decoration

You can make a wreath or circle for door decoration use the decoration balls.
How to make?
In addition to spherical Christmas tree ornament, you also need a “glue gun” and wire. For preparation, make a circle and create wire balls using a wire.

In this process, generally the balls are released from the clamps. Therefore, make sure you annotate “glue gun” on the ball and clasp. Next, fill the wire with the ball and tie the two ends of the wire.

Clear jars

In addition to both of these things, you can also make decorations with ornament balls put into uniquely shaped clear jar. To appear full, you can fill the center of the jar using a cardboard toilet paper.

Make Christmas decoration kids so easy, right?


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