We understand, you may be so busy that until now have time to think of decoration to greeting guests at your residence on New Year’s Eve. Do not be confused, we lay out some ideas of New Year eve decorations.

• It’s party time! Certainly would not be comfortable if the guests who come not have space relatively free to move. Perform reconfiguration or re-selection furnishings in the living room, dining and family. Save or move the furniture will only add to the perceived tightness of the room.

• If you celebrate Christmas, do not rush to save Christmas decorations in your home. Many artifacts from the euphoria of Christmas decorations are still fit for use for New Year eve decorations. Ornamental front door or stairs in your house with a series of small lights taken from the former Christmas tree ornaments.

• No time to buy jewelry in your favorite decorating store? Do not panic, stop briefly to the nearest mini market. Many of the items in this store that you can actually get around to be used as jewelry still looks good. Buy two different colored gift wrap ribbon. Gold and silver can be a combination of choices. Cut two ribbons, unite, then roll the two ends of the ribbon with scissors so that the tip be “kinky”. A ribbon was already you get to decorate the door or the best spot in your home.

• Decorating the table would be one of the most important parts in greeting special guest at New Year’s Eve. Again, if you run out of ideas in decorating the table, just use that are already available in the home. Empty bottles of wine or champagne for example, can be used as a garnish. Fill the bottle with candy and glitter. If you find a cup or bowl -shaped unique, you can make it work as a beautiful candle holder.

How readers? Would you mind apply my ideas about New Year eve decorations?

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