Have you prepare Christmas tree and decorate the house to celebrate Christmas with the family? If you have not finished decorating the house, ask your child to help you make a Christmas ornaments. I’m sure they will be fun and happy help you greeting the Christmas. Ask them to make some creations so that they can make it by themselves.

I have some ideas.


2 pairs of colorful socks

Small doll


Small tape



Sewing needle


Christmas ornaments




How to make:

1 . Choose one of the socks will be made hangers. Then grab the socks of different colors. Scissors half part, set aside.

2 . Connect the socks and the sock pieces using glue.

3 . Enter into cotton socks up a bit dense, but do not put too full. Reserving a place to put another ornament on it.

4 . Put Christmas ornaments, small dolls appropriate child creativity in the sock hole. Adhere with glue or sewing alone. Take a small ribbon, and make a circle to hang stockings.

5 . The final step, take a small paper and forms with different unique shapes. Then, help the child to write the initials of their names. Make a hole in the paper and give the tape. Sew the ribbon in the center of the sock as Christmas ornaments.

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