Eminem the global rapper who born with name marshal Bruce Mather III, 17th October 1972 back to surprise his fans by realizing new album in last November 2013. This news is actually already announced in the early 2013. The Eminem’s team said that the album will be released on the autumn. In the first plan, his new album will be release on 5th November 2013 with a single of “Berzerk”. His new album untitled The Marshal Mathers LP 2 or in short is called MMLP2, it is produced by Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin. Finally, Eminem new album is released on the last November 2013 after his last Recovery album in 2010. His last album got the award as the best rap album in the Grammy Award.

His new album of MMPL2 is the representation of Eminem’s demons which talks about the familiar affair or heartbreak, revenge and resentment. If you are the fans of Eminem and miss his heavy breathing voice, now you can listen him in his new album MMLP2. His new album talk a lot about his personal life when he was teenage, about his traumatic in teenage life that has not yet recovery. The tone of his songs in this album is rapid speed with his heavy rap voice. Eminem new album of MMLP2 is the eighth studio album which is labeled by aftermath, shady and interscope records. As the fans, you must know that his album has Hip Hop genre. All of his song has length 78:13 with 16 songs tracks and 5 singles. This album is available in two edition; MMPL2 and MMPL2 deluxe series.

Eminem says that his new album of The Marshal Mathers LP 2 is a nostalgic album of his predecessor. This album is strengthened with his comical side and explored some vintage hits by Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders, Zombies and Billy Squier. Now, you have to check out all of song tracks on Eminem new album here. The tracks are Berzerk, Survival, Rap God, The Monster and Headlights and another 11 tracks. Let’s check the story of each song.

The first song is Bad Guy. He introduce the MMPL2 album by introduce his dark side of life to find the light and he does a collaborations with Matthew Mitchell. This is one of the best songs in this album which tell about his face to face fight with his worst enemy thorough the narration of Stan. The lyric is so strong with rap energy of Eminem to show his duel to his enemy. The second song is Berzerk, through this song he pays his honor to his old Hip Hop school. This song is the weakest songs in this album. After doing some song collaboration with Rihanna “Love the Way You lie 1 & 2” now in Eminem new album, he also invite Rihanna to sing a song entitled The Monster. They talk about the woes of living under spotlight. Eminem raps’ part tells about his haunting the “Monster”.

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