Emergency foods

Disasters have become a disturbingly recurrent event world over. This worrying trend has affected many people negatively and caused them to suffer physically and psychologically. It would take you a little investment and time in every few days of your busy schedule in order to stock up on emergency foods that will cater for your nutrient needs in these critical times when you can’t get to your food store. The disasters cause power outages and immobility which prohibits you from depending on electricity and all its benefits like refrigeration. You will then have to concentrate your time purchasing foods that can preserve on the shelf without any added help.

Emergency foods

You will then focus your attention on dried foods among which are fruits and dehydrated vegetables like mushrooms and nuts. Peanuts and macadamia nuts are some of those nuts that will supplement your diet and offer you a wonderful snack on the go. They also provide you with nutrients without any preparation involved. Think of packed soup bases in a variety of flavors among your emergency foods. They are dehydrated vegges or meats that cook fast and offer you a good nutrient bank that warms you up too. Think of canned foods that have extended shelf life and especially the ready to eat as it will help when your gas supply or electricity has been cut off.
Within your stock you should not forget to include water as it can at times get cut off as well. This is especially when it comes to drinking water that is treated. Keep it in medium sized (like 10 gallon) containers. Getting packed natural juices that have long shelf lives will also serve as hydrants and energizers when included in your emergency foods. Do not forget to include flavoring agents within the main foods like honey, salt and sugar as well as dried spices like garlic and ginger that help ward off infections and maintain the integrity of your immune system. Also keep a few supplement bottles that will complement your nutrient intake.

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