After write an article about cheerful New Year decorations, I want to create an article entitled elegant New Year eve decorations. The theme is suitable for adults to enjoy the New Year.

Elegant means something flexible and not rigid. The colors can be carried by elegant soft colors such as silver, gold, pink, gray, purple and light blue. However, there are some things you can consider. To add an elegant impression, you need to combine several colors are useful to reinforce the theme that you stretcher. Examples of elegant color are gray and black, pink and red, purple and pink, light blue and white, silver and black, gold and yellow. From the few examples I mentioned when used as a decoration you will produce elegant decoration.
Associated with elegant New Year eve decorations, I have some concepts as follows:
The walls of your home does not need a new paint color. The alternative is to install wallpaper or fabric, put attach at the ceiling and let it fall to the bottom line with his character. Fabrics that you can attach for decorations based on your theme color. At the corner of the room, you can cover the creation of fabric wall into a beautiful ribbon shape.
Adding to the impression of elegant, you can use a dry twig. Attach some ribbon or the rest of the Christmas balls with the colors fit the theme.
The lighting is very supportive of your elegant theme. Attach some light on the point that you highlight. In the corner of the room, under a dry tree branch and on dinner table. You also must be smart to choose the color of the light. Lights help you bring warmth, therefore select the color white, yellow or according to the theme.
You can also install a series of LED lights on one sight wall. Do not turn on the headlights so that a LED lights series can be the center of attention.
Flower arrangements will also determine how much your elegant level stretcher. Be creative, it’s good if you have trouble asking for the help of specialized personnel.
That are my ideas about elegant New Year eve decorations. What about you?

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