New Year eve decorations paper – This being one of the distinctive crafts. Materials readily available around your home for those of you who celebrate New Year. This craft is easy to do and made ??for a fun New Year decoration. Therefore, it can’t hurt to try many creation of  new year as decoration in Japan, China or Europe.
Making New Year decoration of paper by following the pattern as desired. The first thing you should do is to fold the paper into a 4 -fold. Then cut it according to the pattern. If so, open the paper, and will form a series of beautiful shapes. Give ropes and ready to hang on the door, window or roof .
Another decoration idea is a paper folding paper in half, then cut each half centimeter. Once cut randomly crumpled paper so that the paper becomes wavy. Put the paper into a glass of wine. The form becomes abstract, can be coupled beads. On the glass front can be attached using a paper form number 2014.
The design of New Year eve decorations paper is much simpler than paper ornament is cut rectangular paper, stringing one paper to another paper with glue so that the circuit can be cascaded. The kids would love to make this simple decoration.
Another idea is to create a fan-shaped ornament new year round. Folded paper with a pattern of alternating right – left (fan made??). Then attach each end of the paper to form a circular fan. Put number, and it will be a clock.
Another New Year eve decorations paper is making paper flowers hanging . Not difficult. Prepare paper rectangle whose size is rather long. Buckling into two parts, pieces of corrugated, and bundle up to form a large flower, give the rope and hung on the ceiling.


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