Kids room is a place for express personality, imagination and creativity of children. And sometimes, a beautiful dream also can supported by the right colors of the walls. So let’s make a proper kids room interior design color.


Add a touch of nature in the child’s bedroom wall with green paint. This includes neutral colors and very easy to be combined and match with other colors.


You can use blue as an accent color on the basis of secondary or boy or a girl room.


Brown can be used in kids room interior design, especially in the large room as an accent or secondary color in the bedroom. To break up the monotony of the color image, brown color can be combined with bright colors such as green, white, or pink.


In terms of feng shui, purple is associated with the element of water also fields a life of wealth and abundance.


To obtain a light touch, use this color as a secondary color or accent. Match with a green and white or brown for the main parenting space.


This color is very strong, bright, and perfect. Try matching with white bed. The result of kids room interior design, wow! This color can also be paired with other colors, such as blue, green, purple, or even brown.

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