Art for living room walls – The banks usually relegated most of the time outside the home, where they are great, yes. However, it is not the only space in the house that we can use them to decorate.

The art for living room walls of truth is that banks, in all its variants (wood, pace, stone …) are elements with amazing versatility. The same table as serve as shelf pudiĆ©ndolos also used in countless corners of our home to give them a little more personality.

Today I bring you some examples of how these banks will be ideal inside our house. For example, we can use them in an open area, leisure, placed in an L-shaped area ideal for children play.

Also, if these banks placed under a series of drawers (as, obviously) will be a great space for the little ones can store their toys after her long hours of fun.

How about using a bench side table? Do not think that is only possible in a room, which we also like. No. This type of side tables with benches can be placed in almost any corner of the house. From the bathroom, the foot of the bed or even strategically placed in a hallway. Ideal place lamps, linens, books and everything we want space. We can even try to drop over them with a box, a perfect combination on art for living room walls.

If there is a nice solution to these elements, which is when banks used to place them under the windows. Surely the windows of your room (who says dining room or hallway) will radically change by placing a wooden bench with some soft cushions. The warmth and charm of the corner will leave amazed with art for living room walls.

For those who love pure country style, even if I may, a little rancher. You can use these benches placed around a table. Obviously depending on the fabric you will give support to one style or another, but one way or another result will be fairly good.

Observe the pictures and think that corner of your house would look good with these art for living room walls. Sure there is some ideal corner waiting to be completed.

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