Paint living room – A living room colorful and vibrant is the dream of many people, however it can be difficult to get furniture colors, durable and cheaply. One option is to build your own furniture, you do not need too many materials or much experience; just the basic rudiments for sanding and painting. A wonderful addition to any room is this colorful coffee table, made from recycled pallets. Economic, funny and very original.

The instructions to make this colorful paint living room coffee table you will find the detailed website by Instructorless, great for those who enjoy renovating the place home with our own hands. As you can see, the materials are easy to get 3 pallets of wood in good condition, paint colors you want, rubber feet and silicone bases (they sell them in packs and are very economical ), sandpaper wood and a hammer .

Paint living room with begin by sanding the surface of the pallet to remove any annoying splinter, dirt and prepare the surface for painting. You can paint the wood or acrylic enamel spray paint, though it is more economical to do with paint and brushes. Let dry.

Before stacking, placed on the pallet that goes in the bottom of the plastic feet, you can place them hammering or drilling wood with a drill. This will prevent the wood is in direct contact with the ground. The pallet that goes on top of the brackets placed silicone adhesive you can get; this is for the glass that goes on top will not be directly on the wood. It remains stacked pallets, you can do as you see in the pictures or place them straight one on others. Place the glass on top and voila! Own a very original center table.

If you are determined to make a unique look to your paint living room. Use your own creativity and implement your own Colorful paint living room ideas by combining different ideas in this article.

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