Have you make Christmas decoration tree? Before starting decorate, do you know what is Christmas tree? Basically, the Christmas tree is not a necessity in the church and home because this is just a symbol of the spiritual life that we always grow and become a wonderful witness for others “evergreen”. Christmas tree (pine) also symbolizes the “eternal life”, because generally in winter nearly all the leaves fall off trees, except pine trees are always green leaves. Installation of evergreen trees, both native and made ??of plastic, in the city center or in public places was a common sight before Christmas.
Lets start make Christmas decoration tree with this tips.
• Place of Ornaments. Place ornaments and other decorations ‘inside’ your tree, for example at the end of the branches, to add depth and make your Christmas tree attractive. If you choose to use a live tree, keep your tree fresh. Keep the full water of your tree, especially during the first days after the tree is cut down and a week before taking it into the room, this is done to keep the tree stay fresh for several weeks.
• Choose decorations that will be hung. Many diagnostic decorations that you can choose to hook among others: Lights, wreaths, knick – knacks. Prepare the decorations and Christmas parcel can also be placed underneath.
• Lights Inside and Outside. Set lights ‘inside’ your tree (about half way from the tip of the branch to the trunk of the tree) as a line around the tree.
• Required number of Special decoration. Alternating various specials with more ornate decoration ‘filler’. To create a stunning effect, create a design using about 10 special decoration themes (10 caged birds, musical notes, etc.) for every 2 feet of tree.
Are you ready to make Christmas decoration tree? Hopefully this article useful.

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