Spate of Christmas already began to feel everywhere. Shopping centers are competing to show their creations Christmas decorations, as well as with homes already decorated with a variety of beautiful Christmas ornaments.

For those who celebrate it, would have to start setting up the room decor with Christmas decoration flowers.

I have a few tips to plan four different Christmas themed flower arrangements using Franz vase with vibrant color collection while still highlighting the elegant side. The flowers used to be fresh, so easy to set up or wound on the network.

For Christmas decoration flowers with flower fleur de Franz themed is using a sensual red tulips, baby red rose, Ilex, and kochia (long leaves are gray and shaped like coral grows in the peak district). Additionally also use special decorative Christmas like Christmas balls and Christmas special crops such as pine flowers, and also wilex (which is shaped like a small Chery network).

Interested in string it up yourself at home?

Keep flowers in the pot you no more than 4 types, so not too many. Can also using Christmas decorations such as Christmas balls, Christmas tree miniature or perhaps Christmas bells.

Creation the flower adjust the column position. If placed in the corner, decorative flower arrangements from one side only. Whereas if the flower is seen from all sides, try to have flowers can be seen from many different angles.

Similarly, the dining room or living room, you can adjust the column style with flowers of your choice. For the Christmas decoration flowers application of the pot, to suit the appetite of the wearer, but make sure the color of the pot is still appropriate with the Christmas theme such as red, white or gold.


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