Welcoming Christmas Day this year, a variety of Christmas decor ranging easily found in shopping malls. For those who celebrate, may you became interested in bringing a similar decoration to the house. Today I offer Christmas decorating tips for small spaces

Among the many Christmas decorations, decorating a “mandatory” are common in homes, even in the White House though, is an evergreen tree. The tree is also known as the so-called Christmas tree.


However, if you must always display the large Christmas tree in your home? What if you only have a small space? Do you have to sacrifice space in your home just for decoration oversized?


Actually, there are some other alternatives that allow you to display “other forms” of the Christmas tree. Here are some:

For those of you who live in apartments or small houses, Christmas decorating tips for small spaces is suitable for you. It is better not to force the use of large Christmas tree. You can create yourself in making a minimalist Christmas tree at home without losing the beauty and symbolism in the form of a conventional Christmas fir tree.

There are several options for your minimalist Christmas tree.

First, the easiest is displaying a small Christmas tree.

Second, you can assemble the dry twigs in a vase and decorate it like a Christmas tree.

Third, you can cover your walls with paper or cloth. After that, draw a Christmas tree on top of the media. In fact, you can also paint your walls with chalkboard paint and draw special Christmas tree with lime.

In addition to drawing a Christmas tree, you can also attach duct tape or masking tape on the wall of your house to form a Christmas tree. Or make a small pile of fabric doll felt, from greeting cards, or from circular paper placement. Set the position to form a Christmas tree.


Good luck applying Christmas decorating tips for small spaces!

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