Playing, party, happy and children. Four things are interrelated. Making kids happy is the duty of parents. It is certain, invite them to play, party and happy will make their lives meaningful. How to make New Year party decorations for kids?
Nothing is more exciting than making a cheerful theme for a child’s party. What are you can prepare?
1. The decor is always accompanied by the presence of cheerful balloon. You can choose various forms of balloons with funny character that children loved. You can embed a balloon in the door of the room, in the living room wall, or hang it on their New Year gifts.
2. New Year without a horn? Definitely will not be fun. Prepare trumpet with sparkling color paper. You can buy a trumpet in the store with a variety of shapes and sizes. Or if you are creative, you can create your own or be creative with your child.
3. Hat. Hat reads “Happy New Year” that you created with your child would have been nice. You can make it with scrap paper or new paper. Decorate with feathers, lace, ribbon or glitter. Surely they would love to be creative with you.
4. Bath ball. New Year party decorations for kids will be different with the presence of a pool ball. Prepare a plastic pool and fill with plastic balls. Share the fun with the ball bathe will surely impress your kids.
5. Prepare expectations board. After having fun with various games that you created. Invite them to make a wish. You can create your expectations cards. Let them write their expectations, then tacked on the board hopes that you have ornamental. Once the card is affixed expectations, invite them to pray that their expectations fulfilled.
How? My idea is fun right? Do not forget to complete New Year party decorations for kids with their favorite food and cheerful music. Good luck.


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