Home decoration welcomes the New Year has been completed, party invitations have been distributed, a dress for a party is also ready for use. What else are not prepared? New Year eve cake decorations?
Share the joy of decorating cakes is a very interesting and enjoyable. Moreover, if the cakes we make favored by all the guests, runs no trace. Come share your tips here.
Presents a delicious dish is one attempt to entertain and honor guest. For this year-end party, I dreamed to hold party with special themed barbeque dishes. Variety of barbeque dishes I prepare on the terrace of the house. Setting up the grill and let my guests feast on barbeque would be very nice.
In addition to providing a menu of barbeque I will make New Year eve cake decorations as attractive as possible. This cake I made ??as an official entry after the peak in 2014. I would like make cheerful cake with colorful sugar toppings, candy and white chocolate figures shaped 2014. Oh, I will make gold sugar for the topping. This cake will be cut after the count to 0 ends and after we took off the lid of wine with fireworks.
In addition to cake, I also will make a cup cake with various toppings. There are stars topping, hat topping, clock topping, topping cup cake figures and other interesting creations.
I like eating, but it will be interesting and prefer to make New Year eve cake decorations with my children. Make cup cake and let them decorate their own favorite. This is my taste, how about you?

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