Having perfect look to be the dream of everyone in the world, it is applicable for man or woman, especially for them who work in in the entertainment world. They are required to have perfection look and personalization. Therefore, lots of them do plastic surgery to enhance their appearance. Talk about celebrity plastic surgery will not complete if we do not talk about Korean Pop Music. Now, Korea is just like the center of plastic surgery. No-one hesitate that all of Korean artists has perfect look with their Asian look. To get the perfect look there is a rumor of celebrity plastic surgery. However, the rumor is not only the rumor, the fact proves that some or mostly Korean artists and K-pop idol do the surgery. Let’s see. Who are they?

The industry of K-pop music is concern to the physical appearance, even in fact they also have great talented in music or movie industry. However, they will be not complete as the entertainer if they do not have best look as the name of Idol. Celebrity plastic surgery is not a taboo thing and it is no more a secret. However, there are some of them who hide their surgery and some of them are brave to tell about their transformation look. Well, the first rumor comes from some members of Girls Generation or wall known as SNSD in Korea. This is one of the famous girl-band in Korea which consists of nine girls. THE rumor comes from the vocal Jessica Jung. The oldest photo of her pre debut shows that she has long and quite rectangle face shape, irregular teeth. The newest photo after her debut just shows her oval face shape with neat teeth, even more time goes by, she turns to be more beauty than before with her perfect look.

The next celebrity plastic surgery comes from a member of superior boy-band in Korea which is Super Junior. It is a kind of the older brother of SNDS where they live in same artist agency. The member who does the plastic surgery is that the leader of Super Junior aka SUJU, Lee teuk. His pre debut photo shows that he has much different look with present picture. He does much plastic surgery to recover his look to be perfect like now. Now, he just transformed to be the cute and handsome leader with nice lips, sharp nose and charm eyes.

The last K-pop idol who is famous with plastic surgery is a member of 2NE1, Park Bom. 2NE1 is just like the monster of girl-band in Korea and it is also famous around the world as the best girl group as well. It consists of four members and Park Bom is the main vocal of the group. In fact, Bom as usually she called has natural cute face, but she does some surgery to make her looks like a living doll. She does surgery on nose, lips and eyes. Whatever, she is to be the real living doll with her perfect cute and beautiful face. Those are list of celebrity plastic surgery in Korea.

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