Beverly Hills Courthouse, there are plenty things you can do over there. One of them is celebrating something sacred and romantic like weddings. Yes, you can celebrate your wedding in the courthouse. This place is perfect if you want to celebrate such small and intimate wedding celebration where only close friend and close family join in the celebration. But, don’t you think that celebrate the wedding in this place would be boring and plain instead; You will discover so many adorable things around. Furthermore, you don’t need to think too much about the wedding decoration. Everything is available in the courthouse.

These are some packages that are offered to you by the Beverly Hills Courthouse, starting from package number one to package number four. If you want something that is so simple, then you can choose package number one. Meanwhile, if you are expecting something luxury or glam as part of your wedding celebration, package number four will be perfect for you. Then, when it comes to the price, the calculation is just simple. The more you are demanding toward the thing to add in your wedding celebration, the more money you need to pay.

If you make a wedding celebration in Beverly Hills Courthouse, before you enter the courthouse or while entering the courthouse, you can make such unique photograph for both of you (the bride and the groom) to remember. Just opposite the courthouse, there is a beautiful park, where both of you can take many romantic photographs over there. You can also take a nice photograph when you are entering the lift and for sure this photograph can bring a unique scent you will find nowhere. If you want to, you can also take the photograph in the hallway of the courthouse. In short, you can take any unique photographs in almost every corner of the courthouse, except for some certain places where you can’t.

The officers or the clerks of the Beverly Hills Courthouse are known so helpful in order to prepare your wedding. It started from the beautiful decoration, the comfortableness and the romantic atmosphere around the venue. Even, the guards of the courthouse wish you the best wedding ever! The other things that are brought to you by this courthouse are the additional but important facilities you will need, your wedding guest need, and also for all the visitors of the courthouse are the parking lot and disabled-friendly.

When it comes to the parking lot, you have two choices, there are metered and public parking. Metered parking is available around of the street of the courthouse, however, if you have a plan to stay in the courthouse more than three hours, be sure to change the position of your vehicle for a period of time. Meanwhile, for public parking, you need to pay about $8 to park your vehicle there. For the disabled, you can easily access the courthouse since the courthouse offers typical facilities for disabled people. Sadly, due to the budget crisis issue, some say that the Beverly Hills Courthouse is already closed now.

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