Perfect Cameron Diaz glamorous modeling career in the entertainment world started when she was barely out of her teens. Her illustrious modeling career saw her crisscross the world working for Levi’s, Calvin Klein and other big players in the fashion industry. When she turned 17 years, the stunning beauty was the cover girl of Seventeen Magazine. Her acting career was unmasked when she played a leading role in the acclaimed film The Mask at the age of 21. The actress has gone on to star in many successful movies where she has been nominated for prestigious award. That aside, her private life has come under scrutiny with rumors swirling left, right and center that she has undergone a couple of procedures to enhance her appearance.
Cameron Diaz plastic surgery came as a shocker to her legions of fans and critics alike. The speculations were put to rest-or so she thought- when the actress admitted to a nose procedure that, according to her, was necessitated after a surfing mishap. She has been quoted on interviews alluding that the procedure was for medical reasons and not for cosmetic value. The actress claimed that she could not breathe properly as her nose was shattered on one side and it was only logical for her to seek medical treatment.
Her early photos betray the procedure on her nose. Dr. Anthony Youn, a renowned plastic surgeon, confirms that indeed Cameron Diaz nose was straightened. While the doctor agrees that the procedure is meant to restore proper breathing, it also straightens the nose.
Rumors abound that the actress is a likely candidate of breast implants. Her past and recent photos tell a different story as she currently appears having A or B cup sized breasts which were none existent in previously. She looks definitely stunning with bigger breasts although she has not admitted to any breast implant. The actress has distanced herself from plastic surgery stating that it is akin to cutting herself up. She even denied speculations that she has had breast implants.
Keen observers also believe that Cameron has taken Fillers or Botox. Her current facial expressions are not anywhere close to her past expressions. On her more recent photos, the star looks bubbly, shinier and even smooth. This is the effect of fillers or Botox. Her keen followers equate her face to a mask.
While it is evident that the star has paid numerous visits to a plastic surgeon, she continues to deny these rumors. The actress however does not seem to be perturbed by those rumors as she has gone ahead to be nominated for the prestigious Golden Globe nomination for her role in Gangs of New York. Cameron diaz plastic surgery is a clear testimony of the lengths celebrities take to ensure that they look stunning. Cameron is and will not be the last celebrity having a date to with a plastic surgeon to enhance his or her beauty. It is believed that the star has had nose jobs also known as rhinoplasty, boob implants, facelift, fillers or Botox as well as chemical peels. Length celebrities can go just to look stunning!


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