When you want to go to the university in California, you might want to consider California State University Los Angeles as one of your choices. The main reason is that the university that is known as CSULA can be considered as one of the best universities that you can join all over the California. For your information, CSULA has more than 20,000 students at this time with more than 215,000 alumni that mainly are working in many assured positions in big companies.

The tuition fees here can be divided into two major groups. The first one is the instant and the second one is out-stated. For the first one, the tuition fees are about 6,000 US dollars while the second one is doubled the first one. California State University Los Angeles has the new buildings that have just finished the process. This new building is said to spend more than 30 million US dollars. Even though the new buildings are spending a lot of money, the money is worth the facilities that the students will get from the new buildings. The new buildings have the place for the students to well interact with their colleagues. The meeting rooms, the fitness center, and the theater are some rooms that you can also find here as well as the food court that offers a lot of tasty food that you have to try.

For the services for the students, the university has a lot of services that you might like such as the non-remedial tutoring, the health services and insurance, and even the women’s center that will surely be loved by all of the female students who need some helps from California State University Los Angeles. The safety of this campus is also another thing that you do not need to worry since you will be able to find the 24-hour patrol to guarantee your safety. In fact, you can ask for the escort if you are afraid to go back late at night.

Of the housing in this university, you will be able to find about six buildings with the height of ten stories that you can rent. All of these buildings are said to be able to accommodate about more than 3,600 students of CSULA. If you have a car or a bike as your personal transportation, you do not need to worry about the parking. The developer of the housing near the California State University Los Angeles will give you the underground parking that you can use to keep you car and bike safe.

For your information, the number of applicants of this university is increasing every year for the last five years. From all of those years, the percentage of the admitted students are varied from 55% up to 68%. The number is never more than that. From that number you can say that only two of three students applying here are admitted. In fact, the average GPA scores from all of those admitted students in California State University Los Angeles is never lower than 3.10 for the last five years.

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