Christmas tree, gift and accessories was ready. Will not be complete if you do not put the light there. Yes, Christmas decorations indoor light. Do not worry to choose what light design suitable for your indoor Christmas decoration, because today I will write my idea about Christmas indoor light.

1. Light from the Christmas tree. You can put some light there. Small light flickering you hanging around the Christmas tree or lights at the top of the Christmas tree, can beautify your home, absolutely.

2. Another idea that is not less interesting is installing wall lights in your home. Created dangle from top to bottom, or corrugated ceiling of your home. For this type of lamp, to make it look elegant, you can choose LED lamp with 1 color.

3. Jar lamp. It’s easy, put some jars on the mantel or on a table. Enter rolls around the small light as jars. Will look elegant.

4. Candles? So romantic. You can decorate the candles into various forms and variations. Combine with ribbons, leaves or beads. You also can make LED candle that does not smoke. This new innovation can be utilized for Christmas decorations indoor light.

5. Hone creative arrangement of the lights do not stop there, you can make lanterns and hanging in your home. Lantern shape with distinctive forms such as deer antler, Christmas hat, star, fairy, Santa and others.

6. Your house consists of 2 floors? The stairs of your home can be a target of your Christmas decorations indoor light creations.

I am sure you have more brilliant ideas than me, let’s share here.

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